Local Pick Up Items

Are you in St. Albert, Alberta or surrounding area and looking for larger wood signs or other wood decor pieces? We offer larger or oddly shaped items to be ordered for local pick up through our contact page or social media. Not sure what we can do for you? Check out some of our offerings below.

We are constantly coming up with new wood designs and ideas. Some of these items are only available for Local Pick Up as they are often limited in quantity and difficult to ship.

Custom Sizes

If you are looking for a sign of a size you do not see listed please contact us below. We are more than happy to work with you on custom sizing (and shipping that item if needed).  Sometimes the space you are working with needs specific dimensions and we are here to help!


Unique Pieces

We often have wood material left over from other projects and that motivates us to create something new. Then we have new products to share with you. These we share on our Social Media accounts for local pick up as we often only have one or two of these pieces available at a time. 

Please contact us if you have a vision for what your wood signs or decor should look like. Also check out our Social Media to see what is available or for possible ideas.  We love to hear your feedback!