Hardwood cutting board made from walnut and maple with a large handle with a loaf of sourdough bread on top.

End or Edge Grain? Which is better?

Are you looking at getting a new serving or cutting board?

Here are a few things to consider. Is it going to be primarily used for:

  • Cutting and Chopping
  • Decor
  • Charcuterie or Sweets Platters

When you think of a new cutting board there are so many options and starting the process can be overwhelming. From our perspective there are 2 primary options. Whichever you choose both should be made of HARDWOOD and FOOD SAFE. 

1. Edge Grain

What is edge grain you ask? Well it is the way the hardwood is cut and then made into the board. Sections of the hardwood are cut and then depending on style can be glued to other pieces of the same wood or add more dimension through a mixture of woods.

The thickness of these boards determines on how useful they are for everyday cutting and chopping.

From 1/4" - 1" are considered Thinner and best used as:

  • Serving Boards
  • Charcuterie & Cheese Boards
  • Decor

Thicker 1" +

  • Can be used for daily cutting and chopping as well as above uses
  • Will not be as strong as an End Grain board but will still last many years. 

2. End Grain

End grain boards are the boards we make for constant cutting, chopping and weighted for hard use. Hardwood (the same materials used above) are cut into sections and stood on end, glued together, then cut and glued again to make a checkered pattern. 

We have made these boards in the past and due to their higher cost are made through custom orders. Depth for these boards range from 1"- 3" thick. 

Wood Boards

By choosing wood as your base for aesthetic or daily cutting it is also a more sustainable choice. With proper care (see our blog post about Hardwood Care here) these boards will last long enough to be passed onto the next generation. This keeps plastic out of our landfills and uses naturally grown materials in our daily lives. I also can't forget to mention how much your knives will appreciate it too!


Thank you for coming along with me on the End Grain or Edge Grain journey with me. Comment with any questions you have!

- Ashley


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