2023 New Year blog post


A New Year means goal setting. I am the type of person to want to organize my life and with a new beginning bring new ideas. Ok this might be an old idea but I really need to keep up these blog posts! 

Goal 1 - More Blog Posts

In 2022 I went outside my comfort zone and learned things I didn't expect to. I learned how to use a scroll saw. If you know me in real life I have a fear of most power tools so this was an accomplishment for me. Sure I can help cut our signs, frames and our woodworking projects but do I want to be the one 100% responsible- the answer is NO!

My role here at Sign Designs is idea maker, social media aficionado, creative director, bill payer and many more. Head woodworker is left for my Dad. That is his sole role (which is where he wants to be) and I get to do all the other behind the scenes jobs. My Dad is the one creating your requests (along with some creative direction from me). For him he has an amazing hobby to escape to and I get to chat with my amazing customers and make dreams come true. 

I am also setting another goal. Are you ready?

Goal 2 - More of my Face on Social Media

I understand you may not want to see my face every day but all I am really trying to accomplish with this is putting myself, an extreme introvert and home body, out into the world so you can get a feel for the person behind Sign Designs. 

Sign Designs is turning THREE this month which is hard for me to believe. I started this business with 1 and 3 year old boys. No I am not sure what I was thinking other than hey I should do something for myself at some point in the days. Now three years later I have made countless signs, talked with some amazing and supportive humans and got to learn new things along the way. 

 Thank you for continuing on this journey with me and supporting me with those likes and shares. I appreciate it all. Happy New Year!


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