Hello 2022!

Hello 2022!

This year I am working hard on Sign Designs and have taken on a few new projects.

1. CNC Machine

Do you know what a CNC machine can do? Well neither did I until we ordered one to expand our business. I'll save the details for another blog post but a lot of our detailed hardwood is because of this beauty. 

2. Blog Posts

Want to learn more of the behind the scenes? I'm aiming to do more of these posts so that I can share what I am learning, doing and creating along the way in a more tangible way than just through Social Media. 

3. Subscribe

I'd love to start a subscription email where I can send out dates for releases of collections, specials and sales. I promise not to fill your emails with daily reminders but a monthly one wouldn't be so bad would it?

4. 3D Signs

Oh the world of three dimensions. How wonderful. We are working behind the scenes to add more signs with release dates in the future but these take time!

What do you want to learn about? Me? The business? Share in the comments!

 - Ashley 

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