Will you be Mine?

Whether you are spoiling a Valentine our yourself we wanted to share our favourite Valentine's Day inspired signs that are filled with love.

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Wood Signs and other Designs

Welcome to Sign Designs. Our business started with farmhouse wood signs and has expanded into Serving & Cutting Boards, Scrolled Signs and Wood Decor. By using wood we create pieces with natural characteristics and personality and all our job is to enhance that beauty.

As a stay at home mom with young boys I started this business to give me something for myself. I wanted to use my creativity in a different way than entertaining my kids all day. What we make has evolved as I become braver in trying out new equipment and machinery. This may be a side hustle between pick up and drop off but it still means a great deal to me to have my handmade items in your homes and can enjoy for so many years to come.

Hardwood Boards

Charcuterie, chopping, or cutting boards all have a special place in our...